Povestea Safir

With life from the start

Safir's story started on the 26th of september 1991, in Valeni, region of Vaslui, as a family business started by Ghiorghi Safir, from using a hackle and a mill.
By that an evolution marathon started, and what seemed like and optimistic debut, proved to be apdudent gesture and brave.
Each succes represented a new chapter from the story of a chicken business, developed with the help of passion and the wisdom of the first Safir people.

From 1991, full of life, we're testing, developing and telling together the story of good. 
At Safir's, home. 

And we ran both literally and figuratively...

The Family increased in size, the chicken growing into an dynamic business, and around the carding mill we gathered over 600 people full of like.
Under Safir's umbrella are now farms, the slaughterhouse and plant protein flours, the combined feed, distribution and, most important employees, collaborators and friends who keep original enthusiasm to do things honestly at any price and at the right price. 

The story continues...

Safir is more than a competitive company, Safir is a story written with passion, to which we add more and more new chapters. We are not heroes, but families who come together at the table happy every day. And their adventures are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

We dedicate our story to all those who value
health, development continues, respect and responsibility.

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