Presentation of The Protein Recovery Plant

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Responsability and development

In the full marathon, in 2010, Safir inaugurated protein flour factory in Costesti, a fully automated factory, the first of its kind in Romania that has commercial purpose.

Fabrica de fainuri proteice - Safir

Using slaughterhouse waste as raw material, using everything that follows after slaughter chickens, it has grown steadily until now, based on the investment of € 4,000,000 from own funds and European funds, reaching a current capacity of the processing plant of 130 tons / day.

Safir - Fabrica de faimuri proteice

The increase of Safir's competitiveness, was achieved by improving the overall performance, due to reduced losses through better waste management and fulfillment of national and EU standards. Protein flours obtained are distributed both domestically and for export.

Fabrica de fainuri proteice Safir Vaslui

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