30 years investing in innovation and product quality

Safir values are guiding all processes through which to reach the chicken meals, alongside the innovation and technological development that are essential in the production process. Thus, out of respect for the customer and the quality of the products they were made increasingly more efforts to improve processing methods, verification and testing.

Responsible Investing

To modernize its production, but also to ensure product quality, the company Safir invested in the endowment with: a modern slaughterhouse bird farm and a factory of flour protein and one combined feed, and a distribution network of its own. Constant investment in modern machinery deboned, minced, weighed and packaged poultry slaughterhouse turned Safir, increasing product quality, rigorously testing their degree of freshness checking the conditions of production, transport and packaging. On the basis of innovation and technological development, its production capacity increased from 7500 tons / year in 2006 to 16,500 tons / year in 2016.

Continued Development

Respect for tradition, curiosity for the latest technology in the field, the seriousness of the relationship with business and friendships in 30 years will continue to be the basis of how things will be done at Safir. New investments Tight waiting to happen, new machines will reach the hands of men clever and worthy of Safir, keeping the same excitement and pace of evolution to make chicken taste really honest with chicken, delicious and sane.

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