Safir Group of companies began working on the market in Romania since 1991.
In the first quarter of the century, in full marathon of technological process development, activities have diversified Safir, each new stage making us more lively and experience.
To modernize its production, the company has continuously invested in a modern slaughter poultry, poultry farms, a protein flour mill, a mixed fodder factory.

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Chicken farms

Safir - Fermele de pui

Safir Group holds its own poultry farms, modernized by investments of € 5 000 000 for the chickens to be raised in line with European standards of animal welfare in a controlled environment and biosecurizat. The current capacity is 1 150 000 increase in chicken farms / series.

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Poultry slaughterhouse

Abatorul de pasari Safir

One of the most important components of the group Safir is the slaughterhouse. Purchased in 2000, it was upgraded to increase slaughter capacity (4,000 heads / h) and beyond. Permanent investments for the modernization of slaughterhouses are aimed at increasing the quality of products offered on the market and diversification, according to market requirements. 

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Protein flour factory

Fabrica de fainuri proteice

Made from European funds and inaugurated in 2010, protein flour factory, an investment of € 4,000,000, is fully automated and has a processing capacity of 130 tons / day. Used as a raw material derived from slaughterhouse waste, obtaining from processing, export protein flours are used in obtaining pet foods.

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The mixed fodder factory

FNC Nutriva

Nutriva FNC was inaugurated in the second half of 2013, to celebrate 22 years of Safir story. This is essential in the production of integrated Safir group as it allows close supervision of product quality, early stage and provide chickens reared own units.

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Processed and semi-processed product factory

Processed and semi-processed product factory

2016 was marked by a new investment of Safir Company Group, chicken processed and semi-processed product factory. It was invested in new machines and into a space especially designed for the purpose of obtaining naturally seasoned products, covered in bread-crumbs, sausages and meatballs.

Processed and semi-processed product factory

The Marathon continues ...

In the coming years, Sapphire aims to show the same dedication through new investments. Increasing production capacity by opening new farms, expanding distribution area and the conquest of new markets are just some of the group's objectives Safir.

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