Summer comes with news from Safir: one more method for chicken meat packaging


Due to the various partnerships developed, but also the experience of 28 years in the meat industry, Safir Company Group is always up to date with the market’s demands, with the main objective of meeting them.

Based on this argument, Safir team made the decision, as of June 2019 to opt for a new method of packing the chicken meat, packaging appropriate for those operating in the processing industry or HoReCa, namely, bulk packaging, in ATM of 5 kg.

This packaging method is necessary for our partners due to the better terms of validity for large quantities of chicken meat, easier distribution for long distances, but also for the practical storage.

Wanting to respond to this need, Safir Company Group launched the packaging of marketed goods in ATM of 5 kg as well, a packaging method meant to bring multiple benefits.

Amongst the advantages of selling chicken meat products in ATM of 5kg for those working in the processing industry, we mention: the chicken meat delivered is fresh (shall not be deprived of any characteristic property), the validity term is longer (thus, the chicken meat can be easily transported), and the resulting food shall contain all the properties specific to chicken meat.

This packaging method is also appropriate for those operating in the HoReCa industry. Due to tenderness and practical storage, chicken meat can be immediately prepared or cooked.

Controlled-atmosphere packaging (ATM) keeps the chicken meat fresh and has a longer validity term. Therefore, when the packaging is removed, the meat presents the same properties, being a permanently safe product.

Another packaging method appropriate for the processing and HoReCa industry is the vacuum one. See more details in the following video:

Major investments in state-of-the-art machinery attracted various partners in the industry, partners for whom we adopted this method for the packaging of chicken meat. Thus, these receive a clean, tender and fresh meat, and we continue to have genuine collaborations.

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