SAFIR - State-of-the-art machine for the deboning of whole chicken legs


As a consequence of the worldwide increase of the demand for deboned chicken meat, Safir Company Group shall begin an ample project at the beginning of this spring, through a major investment of over 1 million EUR, purchasing a state-of-the-art machine for the deboning of whole chicken legs.


The state-of-the-art machine has as advantages increased productivity and a high degree of precision and exactness in its execution.
Specially designed belts ensure an easy loading of 6.000 whole legs per hour. Depending on the configuration, the system is adequate for left legs, but also for the right ones. The length of the bone on which the machine can work reaches up to 45 mm, and the thickness can be of 25 mm.

The key benefits of this machine are:

  • Processing of a very large quantity of meat;
  • Rapidity of processing;
  • Meat without residues;
  • Very easy and full removal of the bone;
  • No pieces of meat are lost;
  • Pleasant aspect of the meat;
  • Low physical effort of the employees;
  • Computer system;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Hygienic;
  • Safe processing.


The system shall be especially flexible, processing large quantities of whole legs, including Halal. Thus, one shall obtain deboned whole legs, superior in quality, capitalized as such or used for a variety of meat products. The deboning machine works on automatic lines, and for the transition of the chicken legs through a sequence of modules, the bones are removed and a clean meat, without impurities is obtained.

The design of the lamellae guarantees a clean cut, eliminating bone splints and reducing by 50% the losses of raw materials, in comparison with the manual cut. The precise cut of the lamellae does not affect the meat and reduces the stress on the bone during the severance from the meat. Consequently, the final inspection shall be simplified and shall allow a better presentation.

Safir Company Group takes into consideration and implements the consumers’ wishes, but also takes into account the staff’s needs and safety. Thus, the new machinery requests few manual operations, which are easy to learn, execute and less challenging for the employee. The physical effort is reduced due to the fully computer control or the automatic supervision of the filters.

By this ample investment, Safir Company Group intends to comply with the strict requirements of the modern food processing industry. Therefore, additional efforts regarding the quality of the products, the safety of the employees and the hygiene of the machinery are made.

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