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Safir Company Group is a family business with 100% Romanian capital, with 28 years of experience in meat industry. The beginnings of the nowadays main business was based on forming and, subsequently, maintaining business relations with an important group of bird breeders, mainly in the area of Moldova. It was a natural association and a teamwork that created connections on various plans.

Safir Company GroupThe subsequent development of the integrated chain of the Safir Company Group took into account this start-up and the partnership relations developed throughout time.

Together we created a business model based on mutual advantage and common interest, that of taking care of animals’ welfare, ensuring favourable conditions for bird breeding, of coping to the changing requirements and of obtaining a final product appreciated by the consumer.

The affiliated group of farmers, even though it decreased in share together with the development of Safir own farms, remained a constant in terms of the relations developed.

Throughout the years, Safir Company Group has developed and consolidated such strong, trusting and lasting partnerships, with a wide range of collaborators, from various fields. In some situations, the change of generations takes place and the relations last hereinafter. At Safir, any partnership is based on a solid compatibility on the level of values.

Being a family business with 100% Romanian capital, Safir Company Group sends this thought to its partners as well: together we shall alwayds find the most appropriate solutions for any challenge, communicating honestly, as in a family.

At Safir, we do everything with a zest for life and care for what is ours: chicken, team, nature, partners, traditions. Our collaborators shall always find arms and gates open for genuine and lasting partnerships.

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