Safir Company Group: Regular investments that led to the quality of current products


Out of respect for the client and for the quality of the products offered, Safir Company Group invests constantly in the development of niche products that require an additional attention, creates an added value for the community and contributes to the increase of life quality.

Up to the present moment, Safir Company Group has developed a continuous investment policy, oriented in the last years towards machinery for products with added value: a slicing device to the weight and shape desired, deboning devices for chicken thighs, deboning device for breast, slicing device for schnitzels. The purchase of devices that allow for various means of packaging was also closely monitored: casserole packaging devices, packaging equipment in protection film and vacuum packaging devices. You shall find more about the purchases of the Company group here:

The investment in a department dedicated for pre-cooked or ready-cooked products was also very important. It was invested in new machines into a space especially designed for the purpose of obtaining naturally seasoned products, covered in bread-crumbs, sausages and meatballs.

Safir Investitii Periodice

Safir offers products with an added value, and the following investment consists in the extension of the packaging range in the gastro pack (ATM 5 kg).

The investments of Safir Company Group are developing, thus, in 2019 a state-of-the-art machinery for the deboning of whole chicken legs was also purchased. It is a highly flexible machinery which processes large quantities of whole chicken legs, and more images and details about the actions carried out by this machinery can be found here:

Safir Company Group takes into consideration and implements the consumers’ wishes, taking into account at the same time the staff’s needs and safety. Thus, the new machinery requests few manual operations, which are easy to learn, execute and less challenging for the employee. The physical effort is reduced due to the fully computer control or the automatic supervision of the filters.

Throughout the years, Safir Company Group has consolidated its position on the export market, being a trustworthy partner both for important players in the HoReCa section and for the large chains of international stores present in Romania, due to the quality of the products and the permanent investments in lasting partnerships, new technologies, diversification of the product portfolio and the extension towards new outlets.

Currently, over 15% of the annual Safir production is exported to countries such as Bulgaria, Malta, Italy, Estonia, Austria, Holland, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Georgia and Kosovo.

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