Christmas menu: easy-to-cook chicken light plate, 100% natural ingredients


Christmas is about family and moments together, enjoying the most delicious Romanian dishes, to everyone's liking, from the small to the sea. A delicious, tasty, chicken-like menu, fast and easy to prepare, to fulfill all the cravings, is the secret of unforgettable holidays.

Special festive appetizers

Appearances are unprime for Christmas, so start by preparing a platter with goodies that will win your invitations.
Chooses chicken breast chicken, chicken pulp, chicken broths, smoked chicken sausages and beer brews, all prepared ready-made products "Fomică?", 100% natural spicy chicken without additives, without preservatives, dyestuffs and you will have a simple and fast authentic Romanian plateau absolutely delicious.
The young cock, the cool, tasty, tasty snack

The young coffin, also known as chilling, is a cold snack that can not be missed from the Christmas menu. Extremely tasty, cooked with healthy Moldovan Moldovan chicken, after a Moldovan recipe, this will give your guests a craving for life and celebration.
100% sausage chicken and natural spices

For the main course of the Christmas table, sausages are one of the favorite Romanian traditional dishes.
Chicken "Fomica?" Chicken sausages, tasty, appetizing, 100% spicy natural chicken, are ready to grill, oven, microwave, steam, hob or cooker, so you spend more time with your loved ones.
Chicken chicken

Moldavian Chişca with true chicken taste is the traditional Christmas-specific preparation, being tasty, sweet and light. Ready for a simple recipe, using chicken minced Delicious from Vaslui and vegetables, this will perfectly complement the holiday menu.

The delicious Vaslui, Zdravăn Moldovenesc and Fomică reflect the vision and values ​​of the Safir Group of Companies, and the consumer can enjoy a varied tasting experience, thanks to healthy Romanian products, which correspond to the culinary requirements of the Romanians.
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