For the holidays Fomică? proposes to Romanians a variety of poultry meat sausages


Winter holidays are coming and meat industry brands must come with ideas of processed and semi-processed products that would correspond to the consumers’ request and needs, which has already been adopted by Safir Company Group, who proposes to Romanians a large variety of poultry meat sausages either for supplementing the starter tray, or as a main ingredient in traditional holidays dishes.

The Group has dedicated itself with passion and responsibility to achieving tasty and healthy poultry meat products for its clients, products which respond to the current trends for a nutrition based on natural ingredients, without additives and taste enhancers.

Holidays meals are complete with poultry meat sausages from Fomică?

For holidays Fomică? brings into the homes of Romanians traditional poultry meat sausages recipes, with a content low in fats for a better overall condition.

Thus, Fomică? presents various categories of poultry meat: Classical fresh chicken sausages or spicy fresh chicken sausages, ideal for the main Christmas or New Year’s Day meal. They can be cooked on a grill, in the pan or in the oven. Smoked cocktail wieners and Smoked and boiled Sausages are appropriate for starters, but also for the consumers who do not have the time to do everything during this busy period. These are to the liking of even the most demanding consumers as a special attention is paid to the smoking process with hardwood plywood dust, having a balanced taste of smoked meat and natural spices.

What gives the homemade taste to poultry meat sausages from Fomică?

All the Fomică? range of products have 100% fresh, chilled poultry meat and natural spices. These are recipes combined by a Romanian cook, recipes that are always monitored in order to achieve the same constant of the finished product.

The time spent in the smoke house is essential in order to achieve the perfection of the taste sought by the consumers. Therefore, a special attention is paid to the smoking process, the sausages are left to be bathed at leisure by the savour up to the point when they take on that smoked taste, appreciated by many.

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