Transparency in chicken meat preparation


2016 was marked by a new investment of Safir Company Group, chicken processed and semi-processed product factory.

It was invested approximately 800,000 euros in new machines and into a space especially designed for the purpose of obtaining naturally seasoned products, covered in bread-crumbs, sausages and meatballs.
”Fomică?” brand, under which these products are traded, differentiates itself from the other brands on the market firstly by the lack of any additives, colouring agents or preservatives.


Only chicken meat and natural seasoning, fresh eggs, natural sheep’s casing and hardwood plywood dust for the smoked products are used for the manufacturing of ”Fomică?”processed and semi-processed products, a composition that is reflected in the natural aspect and taste.


The recipes that are at the basis of “Fomică?” products were studied and established by a famous and cherished Romanian chef and closely complied with on the line of production.

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