The semi-finished products and the food products Fomică? are made only of fresh poultry meat and natural spices. They are nutritious and healthy food products, essential for a balanced diet.

For the Romanians who prefer cooked courses in order to stay their appetite, we prepare new tasty and full preparations that shall make their lives easier. The ones with an appetite for life and celebration shall be surprised by the seasoned grill products, following well-made recipes, for the taste of Romanians. For the ones with an appetite for chicken, who desire to save time, we have created cooked products out of fresh meat, natural ingredients and seasoning.

The chicken are raised in the best conditions in the own farms. The Safir group of companies has 4 farms, completely modernized and equipped with high performance machines. Thus, the chicken benefit from a controlled environment and biosecurity in accordance with the European animal welfare standards.

Permanent investments were made also in the plant of semi-finished products by the means of buying modern machinery.

The whole technological process is supervised by the staff of the Safir group of companies in order to ensure a good performance of the activity. The Poultry slaughterhouse, Safir, has implemented an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015 and SR EN ISO 22000:2005, ISO 18001:2007, certified by QS Cert and BRC, IFS.

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