Find Safir branded meat products in any


from Romania and in our manufacturer stores in Vaslui County!

Deliciosul de Vaslui

You can find frozen or refrigerated chicken meat from Deliciosul de Vaslui in any Auchan, Kaufland and Cora in Romania.


You can find prepared and semi-prepared products from chicken meat only and 100% natural spices from Fomică? in any Auchan and Cora in Romania.

Safir's Circuit

Due to continuously changing and growing number of distributors of Safir's products, its own car park was expanded continuously.
More than 100 vehicles, mostly for the smooth transport of products bearing the company logo Safir, taking the story throughout Romania and known by the image of a marathoner running a long race.

Reteaua Distributie Safir

Safir lust of life is carried on by people full of life, in shops in the country and abroad.

Safir's own Shops

Shop Piața Traian, Vaslui
Shop Piața Centrală, Vaslui (entrance in the market from str. Donici)
Shop Abator, Vaslui (str. Podul Înalt, nr. 6)

Magazine proprii Safir

KFC, Auchan, Kaufland Network, Cora

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