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Zdravăn Moldovenesc and Deliciosul de Vaslui make a team, doesn't matter which you chose, you get a poduct over your expectations, you get a great tasting experience.


Deliciosul de Vaslui - Safir

Deliciosul de Vaslui is healthy, pleasing everyone at home. You can be sure that what you cook is a non-injected chicken from a place with litter, fed with grain-based feed, whose growth has been stimulated in any way, so cooking remains as sturdy. True taste of chicken, sparkling curiosity and humor make it the most sociable and delicious chicken.

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Carne de pui Deliciosul de Vaslui - Fomică

For the Romanians who prefer cooked courses in order to stay their appetite, we prepare new tasty and full preparations that shall make their lives easier. The ones with an appetite for life and celebration shall be surprised by the seasoned grill products, following well-made recipes, for the taste of Romanians. For the ones with an appetite for chicken, who desire to save time, we have created cooked products out of fresh meat, natural ingredients and seasoning.

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Produse Safir - Zdravan Moldovenesc

Zdravăn Moldovenesc is Safir's slow-growing chicken, fed with forage maize, chickens reared kind on courtyard, with a natural color, specific, similar to the grandmother's yard. Like most of the country, it is a great chicken, fruitful and abundant, colorful feathers and taste ,and rose from the ground in about 61 days and a bit.

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