Chickens reared with clean hands ...

Safir's vision is the desire to do good things and performance on the agro national market and not only. Safir guarantees an experience of over 30 years, with the mission to develop a technology fair and complex, complete with beautiful and healthy relationships and to generate products with true taste.

... with a mission well imprinted in our minds and souls ...

Everything we do at Safir has been, continues to be and will be as we would do it for our children: from chicken products to social responsibility activities and all the initiatives we develop.

... and with healthy values

Safir marathon is more than a competition, it is a form of life.
We are a family of marathon runners with healthy values and lofty ideals:

Traditie si valori Safir


For our people, customers, collaborators, for tradition and quality.


In Safir, things are designed and made so that they fit into the good community in which it happens.

Continued Development.

Safir Marathon continues, aiming to keep the enthusiasm and the pace of development and investment so far.


Gates and arms are always open to true partnerships, products obtained honestly, bluntly.

The tradition of the real taste of chicken, preserved for over 30 years, at Safir home

”Safir is more than a competitive company, Safir is a story written with passion, to which we add more and more new chapters. We are not heroes, but families who come together at the table happy every day. And their adventures are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. We dedicate our story to all those who value health, development continues, respect and responsibility.” - Ghiorghi SAFIR

At Safir, we do everything to enjoy life and care for what is ours:
chicken, team, kindness, partners, traditions.



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